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When many of us think about fitness, we first and foremost think about looking great. Sure, who doesn’t want to look great at the beach. But the trap some folks fall into is the idea that if you look good, you’re automatically healthier. In point of fact, if you’re feeling stronger, more balanced, and healthier over all, then you’re truly going in the right direction.

Having said that, the buzzword and concept of “functionality” has been floating around gyms a lot lately. The result has been numerous fads aimed at achieving natural functional movement. But is the science behind it sound? Well…not necessarily, because while functionality is undeniably important, many of these trends and classes aren’t backed up by sound data, and in many cases can cause injuries that are totally avoidable otherwise.

If you’re looking to boost your strength and power for rock climbing, work, or any other physical challenge, you need an approach that’s grounded in fact. One that intelligently incorporates strength and power with flexibility and balance. An approach that can engineer a healthy body for you to tackle any physical challenge, reduce the risk of injury, and also look great!

For over 3 decades, Vitality has been the clear choice in Chicago and surrounding areas for personalized fitness programs that seriously deliver results. With a focus on building power and strength, you’ll also lose weight more efficiently, build more lean muscle, and feel better than ever. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.

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