Your health as you age is something that is bound to decline if it isn’t something that you prioritize. At Vitality Fit Life, we know that exercise is a crucial part to your happiness and overall health, and that’s why we’ve created a program that allows for mature adults to make the most of their time in a way that will leave them stronger and ready to take on the challenges life brings on.

The program that Vitality Fit Life lives is designed to provide the following to mature adults:

Stronger Joints & Tendons

Seniors are prone to injuries the older that they get. A fall that we were once able to brush off can now be the straw that breaks the horse’s back, or in reality, your back. In order to minimize the chances of any weakness developing and getting to this point, we focus on strengthening muscles and tendons so that you can care for yourself.

Strengthened Heart

Heart failure is another issue that is common among the older crowd, but it can be countered by simply prioritizing your health and knowing that the actions you’re taking are going to yield results down the road. Both cardio and weight lifting help build a stronger heart. There’s no doubt you could learn to do these types of exercises on your own, but through our program, we will continue to push you, which is what needs to happen in order for your heart to continue to strengthen.

Enhances Your Mind

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are two things that we often correlate with old age. These two things are extremely scary when we look at the effects they have on your life, but the best way to combat that is by having an active mind. This is one of the areas that we’ll focus on in our program. From the socializing and group components to the physical training that you complete with your body, you’ll notice that your mind is extremely active during workouts.

Increased Strength

The older we get, the more challenging it becomes to maintain our muscle. The only way to truly do it is to give our body the nutrients and training in order to develop and maintain strength. If you’re ready to be stronger this 12-week program is exactly what you need. Designed to work the muscles that mature adults commonly struggle with, we will gradually build your strength so that you can live a more confident life on your own, knowing just what you’re capable of.

Improves Sleep

Rest is crucial to our health, and while working out and having an active lifestyle is absolutely important, it’s important that you get the proper amount of sleep in order for your body to function as needed. By having a workout regiment that properly challenges your body and helps you improve your health, you are more likely to have a regulated and healthy sleep schedule.

Matt has been a major part of the fitness community since 1985. The program that he’s designed is specific to the individuals we work with and the areas of fitness that can become troublesome with age. Don’t let your age limit you from the opportunities that life has to offer. Browse our fitness services, but more importantly, call us today to get yourself signed up for the upcoming program. You’ll see that in a matter of 12-weeks you will feel better, stronger, healthier and increase your ability to live an active lifestyle. Contact our office in Lakemore today.